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Welcome to Key + Well. You have now taken your first step towards a lifetime of health and wellness for you and your family.

Key+ Well Members enjoy exclusive travel and wellness benefits. We believe that wellness is a key component of a satisfying life. There are three components to total wellness:

Wellness of the Mind

We pursue the goals of happiness in our lives with our friends and family. Without mental wellness, there is no enjoyment of life. As well physical health and wellness are dependent upon mental wellness.

We believe that an important path to wellness of the mind is through time spent with family and travel experiences. Key + Well is a community of Members who improve their mental and physical well being through the gift of vacations and travel.

Physical Wellness

This is wellness of the body. Everyone wants a healthy life. However, a healthy lifestyle goes beyond annual checkups at the doctor. Key + Well works closely with Dr. James Meschino and other healthcare  professionals to provide our Members with the necessary tools for a healthy life which includes travel, diet and exercise.

Financial Wellness

Everyone wants a healthy bank account. Planning your finances for retirement is a key component of an overall wellness plan. When you retire, you will want to be healthy and able to enjoy time with family members as well as travel experiences. However, you will also need the financial resources to enjoy all of the benefits of the travel of your dreams. 

Key + Well introduces the Registered Savings Vacation Plan “RSVP”. This unique program enables you to save for retirement while you vacation. You can enjoy the travel lifestyle today with the confidence of knowing that you will have the funds available for your retirement.


What They Say

Betty and George V.

“We got lucky when we found the kid friendly excursions in London. During the 10 days, we discovered the mysteries at the British Museum, being a detective for the day, Harry Potter’s magic, tea time, all things chocolate, and more! In London, England you have to have High Tea! Kids high tea too. We had a blast! Thanks Keywell”

Your best investment is in priceless experiences enjoyed with family and friends.

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Find Out How You Can Start Enjoying A Lifetime Of Health And Wellness For You And Your Family.