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The Key + Well “RSVP”

The Key to Financial Wellness

For the first time, Key + Well is introducing to Canadians the Registered Savings Vacation Plan or RSVP. This is a unique program that allows Canadians to use their Registered Retirement Savings Plans to finance a lifetime of vacations.

Tax Free

Because Key + Well operates as a co-operative, Members are entitled to significant Canadian tax benefits.

Key + Well Members will be eligible to receive a tax-free Patronage Dividend in the form of co-op shares. These shares are qualified to be held in RRSP accounts under the administration of the Western Pacific Trust Company in Vancouver, BC. This allows Canadians to unlock funds held in their existing RRSP’s on a tax-free basis to purchase their Key + Well Memberships.


As a loyal Key + Well Member for the duration of your Membership, you will receive a full repayment of your original Membership Cost in your RRSP to help fund your healthy retirement. Best of all, this repayment is backed by a Lloyds of London Insurance Bond.

Each year, Key + Well Members will be required to pay their annual fees with RCI and the Co-op. Those payments are put directly into your RSVP each year to grow your retirement savings.

These RSVP payments will generate a 3.5% annual rate of return in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan. Over the course of your Key +Well Membership, this means that your original Membership Contribution will be worth double your original contribution.


When you retire, your health will be enhanced through wellness travel and your financial wellness will be assured with the funds that become available in your RSVP account.

Your best investment is in priceless experiences enjoyed with family and friends.

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