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Dr Meschino

Key + Well works closely with Dr. James Meschino as our primary health and wellness consultant. Dr Meschino is the author of four nutrition/wellness/anti-aging books and regularly teaches seminars on these topics to corporations and health professionals at continuing education conferences. Dr Meschino is also a nutrition and anti-aging columnist for various professional and consumer publications. His television special, “Healthy Aging Naturally” was featured on Detroit PBS TV in 2011.

Dr Meschino was selected by Dr. Deepak Chopra MD to be the Nutritional Medicine Consultant for his Beyond Performance Sports Program in 2017. Dr. Meschino has developed Employee Wellness Programs for various corporations in Canada and the United States and is currently the Director of Wellness and Health Promotion for SEB (Smart Employee Benefits www.seb-inc.com) where he developed the Meschinco Digital Wellness Coaching Platform that is used by corporations to enhance the health, productivity and healthy life expectancy of their employees. (www.meschinowellness.net).

A Message From Dr. Meschino

“Numerous studies have shown that regular vacations improve physical health, mental health, productivity, and overall quality of life.¬† Some studies suggest vacations help you live a healthier life overall, and even help you to live longer.

Regarding physical health, regular vacations are linked to reduced risk of heart attacks, slowing of resting heart rate, improved sleep quality and improved reaction time. Taking vacations has also been shown to reduce inflammation, something I have seen in my own arthritic patients over the years.

In terms of mental health and well-being, people who take regular vacations show lower prevalence of depression, report happier marriages, decreased feelings of anxiety, and greater feeling of well-being throughout the year.

The best news is that vacations don’t need to be that long to get the benefits I have reviewed here. Just 4-7 days, two or three times a year, can greatly improve your health, body shape fitness level, mental well-being, creativity, productivity and level of happiness.”

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